Serendipity Boutique - A Women's Clothing Boutiqe Encouraging an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle
We have got some amazing clothing lines at Serendipity.  Our selections are always changoing with the season, to make sure that we are bringing you the most up to date and fashionable choices possible.  We strive to find lines that are comfortable, affordable and beautiful.  You can find something in our little shop for any occasion, or just for fun!  Some of our most popular lines are Salaam, Jag Jeans, Relic, Nally and Millie, Habitat, and True Grit.
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jag at Serendipity Boutique
Jag Jeans
We cannot keep these new "pull on jeans" in stock!  Try them on, and you will want to wear them out of the store...they are that comfortable.  Oprah just featured the pull on Jag jean as one of her favorite items of the season!  Special orders welcome if we are out of your size.
anac at Serendipity Boutique
Voted one of the top new clothing designers last year - she is known for her totally unique and hip tops.  Each one is more interesting than the next!
curio at Serendipity Boutique
Unique, fun, and fashion forward for all ages.  From funky vests and tunics to gorgeous car coats and jackets...come see why there is such a strong following of Curio!
Jambu Adventure Shoes, at Serendipity Boutique
     Inspired by the beauty of the rainforest, Jambu footwear is designed to  guide you in style and comfort on your next personal journey - at home or across the globe.  Let Jambu join you as you zipline through the forest, stroll the beach,  navigate the city, or travel the world.  Be you with Jambu!  (On a personal note - these shoes are absolutely comfortable and very easy to walk in)
salaam at Serendipity Boutique
One of our top selling lines, Salaam is not only exceptionally made but crafted right here in New England.  Based out of Vermont, this women's owned business specializes in gorgeous dresses, blouses and skirts.  catering to all shapes and sizes, you are bound to fall in love with this line.
haiku at Serendipity Boutique
Beautiful handspun sweaters from California made from sustainable yarns such as bamboo.  Bamboo is subtle to the touch and kind on the earth.  See why so many people are turning to eco-friendly fibers not just for ethical reasons, but because it feels so wonderful and lush against the skin
habitat - at Serendipity Boutique
Habitat is one of our oldest and most beloved lines at Serendipity.  From specialty jackets, sweaters and blouses to great bottoms and printed tees...women have loved this Boston based company for years and the designer keeps getting better every season.
Coobie Seamless Bras are a huge seller at Serendipity!  It's simply the most amazing bra you'll ever buy!  Ultra comfortable, supportive, inexpensive - the perfect combination!  One size fits most, and they come in two styles - scoop neck, and lace edged.   Every woman should have at least one!
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