Serendipity Boutique - A Women's Clothing Boutiqe Encouraging an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle
Our shop has grown so much over the years, and our housewares have
grown right along with us!  We sell beautiful, handcrafted items that are designed and created right here in New Hampshire, as well as beautiful
 fair trade pieces  from around the world!  We choose items that are
 beautiful and functional, and are made in ways that are kind to the
earth and sustainable.  Some of our lines include Mara Mugs, Pilgrim Imports, Seastone Wine Bottle Stoppers and Glassware,  Healing
Touch Mugs, Beautiful Stained Glass Picture Frames,  Metal Oil Barrel
 Art from Haiti, Bennington Candles, Lobster Rope Doormats
, Brushkins Natural Fiber Animal Figurines, Lucuma Hand Carved
Gourds and BirdHouses, and so many more beautiful and interesting
 pieces.   We always have new and exciting items coming into the
 shop, so with every trip through our doors there is something
 wonderful to see!
And when you just can't decide....get a Gift Certificate!
A local artist on the NH Seacoast makes these wine glasses with stones in the handles - eco-friendly, sustainable and recycfled!                                                                                             
Pilgrim Imports Metal Ornaments
     Pilgrim Imports originated almost
25 years ago in a village outside
 Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Every year craftspeople  and their families gather
 for Pilgrim Family Day, a celebration featuring food, friends and fun.  Since
 the inception of Pilgrim Imports, the
villagers no longer consider sending
 their children away to the big cities. 
The neighbors now work together to
produce the art pieces that pilgrim
buyers and customers love.  All of the
 jobs producing these works of art are
 honest and clean.  The Thai workers
 never dump refuse into the rivers or
landfills since they work where they
 live.   No lead is used in the products
 they create, although children should
 still be careful of tthe sharp edges and
IMG 0643 (800x600)
J Devlin Frames
These beautiful stained glass picture
frames by J. Devlin are a customer
 favorite at Serendipity.  The fine
 glasswork and craftsmanship make
 each piece the perfect accompaniment
to family photos and shots of cherished memories.  They lend well with any
decor, and make beautiful gifts!
A local artist on the NH Seacoast makes these wine bottle stoppers with stones from the NH beaches - eco-friendly, sustainable and recycfled!
Handcrafted in Maine. Each sea
stone is hand picked with care from
 the oceans and bays along the New
 England coastlines. Each unique
 stone sits atop a quality durable
 stopper. Each piececomes with a
 lovely wood stand and story tag.
 Makes a wonderful house
 warming or party gift.
A local artist on the NH Seacoast makes these wine glasses with stones in the handles - eco-friendly, sustainable and recycfled!
Contemporary glasses made entirely from recycled glass and stone, Stone Wine Glasses embody an intriguing sword-in-the-stone design and feel nice to hold. The form is inspired by cairns, the carefully balanced stacks of stones that mark the way along hiking trails in New England forests. Since no two are alike, the design also makes it easy to recognize a particular wine glass.
Mara Mugs, Handmade

     These stoneware pieces bear original designs by Mara.  Each
 piece is engraved and painted by hand.  All of Mara's design pieces
 are high-temperature fired with
 lead free glazes.  These beautiful pieces of functional art are microwave and dishwasher safe.
Bennington Candles handmade in Vermont
Bennington Candles
Scents have been proven to
lift the spirits and change moods.
 We have created special blends
 and hand poured each candle in Vermont.  Scents come from essential oils in a soy base. 
 Candles will burn for
 approximately 50 hours. 
 Choose your favorite, or try something new!
Healing touch mugs made by a local artistHealing Touch Mugs
Healing touch pottery began
 in the small town of Sandown,
 NH and has grown to several facilities including a community based art studio located in East Hampstead, NH.  Healing touch mugs have multiple levels of
 healing energy that begins with quartz enhanced raw clay.  Then various quartz crystals and
minerals are infused during the firing process with our own handcrafted glazes.  In
continuation of that energy, gemstones and crystals are
 then attached to the handles. 
Each piece is then inspected
and Reiki charged
Fair trade, sustainable, recycled metal oil barrel art from Haiti
Metal Oil Barrel Art
Oil Drums are Haitian artists'
raw materials.  The process of converting oil drums into
sculptures is both a tribute to man's imagination and resourcefulness in the face ofdire economic needs.  The artistfirst removes both ends of the oil drum.  The ends are used for smaller sculptures.  Next, the drum is stuffed with straw and
 lit on fire to burn off any residues.  When it cools down, it is sliced down one side and flattened into a 4x6 foot metal canvas.  The
 artist draws with chalk on the  metal sheet, and the design is  cut by hand with a hammer and chisel.
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