Serendipity Boutique - A Women's Clothing Boutiqe Encouraging an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle
Our Spa Product selection is really second to none!  At Serendipity, we choose products that are natural and organic whenever possible.  The way we treat our bodies is a basic building block in the way we treat the world.  What we use on our skin and hair are at least, if not more important, than the clothing we wear.  Organic and natural products are kind to the earth as well as our bodies, and can be very affordable!  Come in and take a look at all the ways we can be kind to our bodies!  Some of the lines we are rpoud to offer are:  Pre de Provence, Northwood Naturals, Jenness Farm Goat Milk Soaps, Savannah Bee Body Butter, Naked Bee, White Lily Organics, Windrift Hill, and  Sallyeander Soaps
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Jenness Farm Goat Milk Soaps
Goats Milk soaps and body care in refreshing, fabulous scents!  Made right here in Nottingham, NH
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Savannah Bee Company
Made in Savannah, GA with Royal Jelly in an Organic Base, this rich body butter comes in a really pretty box!
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White Lily Organics
Organic Teas, Body Care, and Medicinal Herbal Remedies
Made in Kingston, NH
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Windrift Hill Farm
Goats Milk based body care and Soaps from Minnesota
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Pre de Provence
European Soaps and Lotions from the South of France - Made with Organic Olive Oil and Shea Butter
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Northwood Naturals
Organic Coconut based lotions and soaps made in Northwood, NH
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