We are proud to offer our 100% soy wax candles, made from sustainable soybeans grown by American Farmers, with no artificial additives or dyes, in a wide variety of awesome scents (phthalate free & essential oils)....clean and refreshing, not perfumy or overpowering.  Our coastal inspired designs, eco-friendly Kraft packaging, along with some whimsy and beach spunk, combine to offer you a candle of uncompromised quality.  We also believe that you are not just buying a candle.  You are bringing a little piece of artwork into your home....an attractive addition to any home decor.


Sea Salt - Nature inspired scent with herbal undertones infused with cool peppermint.


Sail Away - Clean and refreshing outdoor aroma of calming herbs, eucalyptus, mint & cedarwood.


Beach Happy - Papaya, pink grapefruit, and red berries topped with orange zest and coconut flakes.


Sea Glass - Tangy grapefruit and citrus with a hint of sweet peach.


Beach Happy - Fresh squeezed lime blended with sweet tropical coconut.


Smooth Sailing - Salt sea breezes with fresh apple, melon, and bergamot.


Balsam Bay - The perfect blend of pine with an aroma of cedar and warm musk.


White Caps - Ocean waves and fresh salt air with citrus, jasmine, cedar, and sea mist.


Lobster Love - Lively blend of citrus peel and mint leaves with lemon, orange, mint & eucalyptus essential oils.

Salty Beach Studio 6oz Candle Tin